Education and Training

The expected fourfold increase in the Australian  population of over 85 year olds by 2050 is significant and will lead to a very substantial  increase in the demand for well-trained aged  and community care workers.

The Australian  Productivity Commission’s report (2013) – Caring for  Older Australians has projected that the Australian aged care workforce will need to grow to around 980,000 aged care workers by 2050, a massive increase over some 350,000 employees currently working in the aged care industry.

Nobel Life is well positioned to seize the opportunity to provide and facilitate Training Services and we will initially collaborate with a recognised Training Provider to ensure integrity of the curriculum and suitable program outcomes.

Our training programs will be offered/available to Home Care Service Yamaguchi and their clients

Our initial programs will be offered to entry level students who are interested in embarking on a career in aged care and will commence with a Certificate 111 in Aged Care. The attainment of the certificate will enable those students to work in the community, homecare and in residential aged care.